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""Down"": The super-heroes undertake perilous voyages on two fronts. Restored to their normal forms, the twelve heroes who journeyed into space find Dr. Fate incapable of

Millennium #7 is an issue of the series Millennium (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1988.

Synopsis for "Down"

The super-heroes undertake perilous voyages on two fronts. Restored to their normal forms, the twelve heroes who journeyed into space find Dr. Fate incapable of magically transporting them home, so the Green Lanterns form a sphere around the others and the fastest fliers among the group power it toward Earth. Harbinger, however, senses renewed peril to their homeworld, and teleports herself from their midst.

The rest of the heroes, aboard the Sunspore probe, are enroute to the Manhunters' final stronghold beneath the Earth's surface. As they arrive at a juncture enclosed in a force-field and locate a tunnel into the Manhunter base, Harbinger suddenly appears among them.

Meanwhile, the Chosen have undertaken physical training to equal the mental preparations for their transformation. The Guardian and the Zamaron are enthusiastic in praise of their progress, but Tegra Kalmaku bursts into tears as she sees her husband turning into a stranger before her eyes.

Far underground, the remaining Manhunters, with both their main temple on Earth and their home planet destroyed, prepare to make their last stand. Booster Gold and a phalanx of Manhunters guard a device intended to destroy the Earth should they lose the final battle, thus ensuring the demise of the Chosen, even if the Manhunters themselves must also perish. The heroes overhear their plans, but then are ambushed by a second group of their robotic foes. Wonder Woman faces the Pan Manhunter in solo combat, but the android satyr, encircled by the magic lasso, deliberately flees until the unbreakable rope tightens about him and cuts him in two. Hash, Batman, Green Arrow, Harbinger, the Justice League, the Green Lanterns, and the Infinitors all strike telling blows against the enemy forces, until finally the Grandmaster, sensing imminent defeat, commands that they must detonate the bomb which will destroy the Earth. None of the heroes can reach the Manhunter nearest the detonator in time, but Booster Gold unexpectedly blasts the android, then holds off the others who attempt to replace him. As the Manhunters fall, one by one, Marcie Cooper, the Harlequin, slips away in the confusion. The battle is won. Booster claims merely to have been infiltrating the enemy ranks, but the other heroes refuse to believe his story, and they take him into custody.

No sooner is the struggle over than the rest of the superheroes return from space. Before they can do more than exchange greetings, the images of Herupa and Nadia appear and summon them back to the GL Citadel. Before the Chosen can be transformed, the Oans state, they must each return for a brief time to the outside world, accompanied by the heroes. As Celia Windward investigates a suspicious limousine parked down the hill, and Infinity, Inc. prepares to accompany Betty Clawman, a bitter Booster Gold flies off with Xiang Po.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Millennium trade paperback.

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The events from this issue are related to Millennium, a 1988 crossover event spanning through all DC Titles, in which the Guardians of the Universe left and Earth was put in danger by the robotic Manhunter Cult.