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""The Rising and Advancing of Ten Spirits"": The Manhunters are defeated, the Chosen have returned to the Green Lantern Citadel, and the Guardian and the Zamaron are ready to bring the "Millennium Project"

Millennium #8 is an issue of the series Millennium (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1988.

Synopsis for "The Rising and Advancing of Ten Spirits"

The Manhunters are defeated, the Chosen have returned to the Green Lantern Citadel, and the Guardian and the Zamaron are ready to bring the "Millennium Project" to fruition at last. One by one, each of the candidates stands before Herupa and Nadia, who now appear extremely aged and fragile, and is bathed in the green light of the Guardians and the purple light of the Zamarons. Xiang Po becomes Gloss, who can draw strength and skill from the Earth itself. Takeo Yakata becomes RAM, an acronym for Random Access Memory, a living computer-being. Gregorio de la Vega becomes Extrano, from the Spanish word for "strange", a self-described "witch". Betty Clawman, instead of transforming into another being, steps down into the ground and disappears, becoming one with the Earth itself, and remaining in contact with the others through Extrano. Celia Windward becomes Jet, able to control the Earth-forces of sound, light, and electromagnetism. As the transformations continue, Herupa and Nadia become progressively weaker and seem on the verge of collapse. Hal Jordan and Mr. Miracle try to help them, but the immortals brush them aside. Floro, the former Floronic Man, being already transformed, does not need the Oans' infusion of power. At last only Tom Kalmaku is left, and he refuses to accept the change, choosing his own responsibilities as a family man. The Oans, the other Chosen, and even Hal finally accept his decision. Herupa and Nadia offer Harbinger a place among the Chosen, but she too refuses, and departs to pursue her own destiny. The Guardian and the Zamaron then bestow Tom's power on him in a "latent form", which they say will protect him if need be. As Tom questions from whom the Chosen might need protection, in South Africa Janwillem Kroef, the renegade chosen one, prepares to use the knowledge he has gained from the beneficent aliens against the forces of change which they espouse and he despises. Finally, their work done, Herupa Hando Hu and Nadia Safir collapse, and die. Their mission completed, Earth's super-heroes welcome the Chosen and then depart the Green Lantern Corps Citadel to return to their own pursuits.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Millennium trade paperback.

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Millennium Crossover
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The events from this issue are related to Millennium, a 1988 crossover event spanning through all DC Titles, in which the Guardians of the Universe left and Earth was put in danger by the robotic Manhunter Cult.