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The Face of Gotham was a powerful empath who could feel the souls of Gotham City.

Millicent Mayne was a renowned actress of Gotham City.

Mayne was present when the earthquake destroyed the entire city and as a result of a deadly experience, Mayne emerged from the cataclysm with the ability to feel what every lost soul in Gotham was feeling. However, she repressed the ability for years until she was attacked and the left side of her face was scarred with acid. At this point, Mayne decided to embrace her abilities and she adopted the alias that the media had already given her: "The Face of Gotham".[1]

Her new ability allowed her to know the actions of the people in Gotham, and among them was Dick Grayson. She waited patiently until he found her and she revealed her past story to him so he could capture the criminal who scarred her face. After Nightwing captured Gracchus, he and Mayne talked about their thoughts on the current and future situation of Gotham City.[2]


  • Empathy: Mayne knows the actions that every person in Gotham City is doing.



  • Mayne usually wandered the streets of Gotham covered in a white silken robe that kept her body and face out sight.

  • Mayne was unofficially called "The Veil" by DC Comics.[3]