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Milton Fine was a sideshow mentalist who performed under the name "The Amazing Brainiac".

Unbeknownst to Fine, he was a metahuman who possessed actual psychic powers. Fine's telepathy attracted an alien entity which believed it was the disembodied mind of a Coluan scientist named Vril Dox who had been executed for trying to overthrow the Computer Tyrants of Colu. The entity possessed Fine's body and went on a murder spree to collect human cranial fluid, which would allow it to maintain its control over him.

Milton Fine 0001

Milton Fine possessed by Brainiac

This brought the entity, which took the name "Brainiac" into conflict with Superman. Using it's own vast intelligence and Fine's psychic powers, Brainiac became one of the Man of Steel's most dangerous adversaries. Fine's body would eventually become irreparably damaged and the entity controlling him would abandon it.

Years later, the entity which possessed Fine was revealed to be a cloud of nanites created by the true Vril Dox and programmed with the Coluan's memories. Dox was in fact alive and well in deep space, and would himself come into conflict with Superman.




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