The mysterious Mindancer was second in command to the Director in the criminal army the 1000.

She took part in the organization's plans to control Metropolis, and fought with Booster Gold. When the underground headquarters of the 1000 was invaded by Thorn, her mask was ripped off, revealing a skull-head beneath. She proceeded to flee the scene. When last seen she was among the meta-human prisoners freed from Slabside Island Penitentiary by Mongul.



    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced):Even without her powers, she was still a very competent fighter.
    • Athletics: She was capable of leaping large distances, so well it would sometimes appear she was floating to the ground. Whether this was actually levitating or how the artwork portrayed her is unknown.

  • Despite Skeets originally stating she was a very well known supervillain, after the Booster Gold series she fell into obscurity.



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