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Quote1 As the Batman of my world, I stole DNA from my Martian Manhunter. The abilities of Superman, plus invisibility and shape-shifting...but those are not our greatest weapons, are they? It's our minds. Quote2
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Mindhunter was a combination of Batman and Martian Manhunter from the Dark Multiverse.

Mindhunter was an evil Batman from the Dark Multiverse who modified himself with the DNA taken from the Martian Manhunter of his world. As such, he acquired his powers and became as powerful as Superman.[1] He was later recruited into the Dark Knights by the Batman Who Laughs, for his invasion on Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua.[2]

Mindhunter acted as a guard for Castle Bat under the command of the Grim Knight. When the heroes of Earth 0 infiltrated with Castle Bat after defeating Darkfather, he tried to find them, but was unable to due to Jarro, whose telepathic abilities were more powerful.[2]

He was later sent by the Batman Who Laughs to stop Martian Manhunter of Earth 0 in Brimstone Bay, when he tried freeing the Legion of Doom to destroy Pereptua's throne which was powering her. The Dark Knight eventually defeated him[3] and attacked his mind, in order to find out what Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of Earth 0 were doing.[1]

After cracking through Martian Manhunter's mental defenses, Mindhunter lured Hawkgirl by utilizing his unique telepathic connection to her, a result of their love. He also discovered the presence of her teammates in Brimstone Bay. The Omega Knight acted upon this information and blasted them with a beam.[4]


  • As a human, Mindhunter had black hair.
  • His name is a reference to Martian Manhunter and his telepathic abilities.
  • Bruce was against his ward, Nightwing's, relationship with Starfire.[5]



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