Minerva was the glamorous proprietress of Minerva's Mineral Spa, a health spa catering to Gotham City's elite.

Her seemingly harmless treatments, however, allowed her to extract secrets from her patrons' minds; with these secrets, she and her employees would burgle many a Gotham millionaire.

Eventually, Minerva made the mistake of preying on Bruce Wayne, which ultimately led to her spa's downfall at the hands of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. She took her defeat and subsequent arrest with grace and humor, promising to make Gotham State Penitentiary "the world's most elegant spa".


  • Deepest Secret Extractor: Part of Minerva's signature "eggplant-jelly vitamin scalp massage"; capable of reading the mind of anyone placed inside.


  • Persimmon Pressurizer: An oversized pressure-cooker that, when turned to the highest setting, becomes a lethal sweatbox.

When Adam West described "Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires" to Jeff Rovin in Back To The Batcave, he admitted with sorrow, "This was it: the end of the line. One of our weaker shows, and a sad way to go-go." The "Batuation" comedy had been canceled, and the sets were destroyed before the NBC television network could revive it.



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