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The Minstrel was an electronics genius who played a lute and would frequently sing before, during, and/or after his illegal activities.

He refused to participate in "BatFights" as he detested physical violence.

The Minstrel is first known to have come to Batman's attention when he plunged the Gotham City Stock Exchange into an uproar by altering the computerized stock quotations. He then made a demand, prefaced with song to the tune of "A Wand'ring Minstrel I" from The Mikado, for one thousand dollars ($1,000) per week from each of the two hundred and fifty (250) exchange members; if it was not met, he threatened, then he would continue to interfere with the stock quotations till he had caused the stock market to crash. To show the Stock Exchange members he meant business, the Minstrel executed a "Plan High C," by which he caused the Exchange Building to tremble, as in a temblor("earthquake"), with a sonic signal whose vibration was sympathetic to that of the building.

When the Bat-Duo initially tried to corner the Minstrel in his hideout, Batman, suspecting a trap, planted explosive "bat-bombs" which he hoped might keep the trap's jaws pried wide enough open to allow some sort of escape. Batman's suspicions were confirmed, as he and Robin were indeed trapped.

The Minstrel's attempted death trap for the Bat-Duo involved essentially cooking them to their deaths, rotisserie-style. But the detonations of the bat-bombs that Batman had planted shook the human-sized rotisserie spit off its mountings before the Bat-Duo's respective Batcostumes could catch fire.

Later, Batman undid the Minstrel's tampering with the stock quotations and, convinced that the Minstrel would need power to transmit his destructive signal, had all the electrical energy to the Exchange Building disengaged. The Minstrel, undaunted, transmitted the signal anyway, using his own power source. He then re-transmitted his demands, using a pre-recorded message. Alas for the Minstrel, Batman saw through his disguise as an exchange member and realized that the message had been pre-recorded. A "BatFight" followed and the Minstrel and his henchmen were captured.

On a news broadcast, the Minstrel sang a warning song to Batman about his return to crime.


  • The Minstrel was portrayed by Van Johnson.
  • The Minstrel wore a gryphon on the shirt of the specialized clothes he favored when engaging in his illegal activities.
  • Adam West described the Minstrel, in Back To The Batcave, to Jeff Rovin as "not a terribly exciting foe."



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