Mio was originally a village girl who lived in a valley near where the legendary Shihan Matsuda lived. She fell in love with his student, Bruce Wayne. One day he invited her to the montasary and she asked him to leave the window open so that she could sneak in. However, she was actually hired by Matsuda's wife who had grown tired of their emotionless marriage. In the ensuing fight, both Mio and the Matsudas are appearently killed.[1] Years later, she is revealed to be alive and working under Ra's al Ghul. Through unknown means, she has learned energy manipulation too. She is sent to destroy a building in Gotham when she is caught by Harper Row. This allows Bruce, who is now going by Batman to find Penumbra and ram into her with the Batplane. She survives but pretends to fall of the building and disappears. As punishment for her failure, she is locked in the dungeons by Ra's to "learn another lesson".[2]




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