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Mirabai the Forlorn, a tyrant on Sorcerers' World, was offered an allegiance by General Samuel Lane into Project 7734.

She was recruited to join the war against the Kryptonians, in which General Lane also extended in his bargain to her, a brainwashed Captain Atom to serve her. Mirabai's possession of Captain Atom proved extremely worthwhile, as the brainwashed hero's Dilustel skin is resistant to any kind of arcane magic, and allows Mirabai to have her "Arrow of the Forlorn" to overpower her magical-based enemies.

Eventually, Captain Atom broke free from Mirabai's mind control and joined a resistance group against her. During a massive battle at her fortress, Mirabai was able to subdue Captain Atom with a hex spell. However, he was able to resist it and defeat her. With her tyranny lost over her world, the sorcerer Mordru usurped Mirabai's place and had her imprisoned in his seraglio.[1]



  • Mirabai is also known as the Forlorn.



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