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Mirage is a member of the Teen Titans in Kilowatt's alternate dimension.

When Kilowatt was returned to his proper dimension by Raven, he rejoined his fellow Titans in the middle of a battle against the city's ongoing threat - robot commandos. [1]


Magic: Mirage possesses innate magical powers, enabling her to manipulate and cast magic for a variety of different effects and purposes.[2]

  • Psychokinesis[3]
  • Telepathy[4]
    • Illusion Casting: Much like her namesake, Mirage can use her magic to create powerful and realistic magical illusions, and manipulate them to her will. She can use these illusions to camouflage herself and others, as well as influence the senses and perceptions of others.[5]
  • Empathy

Clairvoyance: Aside from her magical powers, Mirage also seemingly possesses clairvoyant abilities as well.

  • Mirage's white hooded cape - and the fact that the Teen Titans temporarily mistook the two for each other - implied that Mirage is her dimension's version of Raven.



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