Quote1.png You got another kick-ass black-ops monster hunter on call that I don't know about? Quote2.png
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Miranda Shrieve is a black-ops monster hunter and the granddaughter to Matthew Shrieve.

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown

Miranda Shrieve began her career working in the U.S. Military under General Sam Lane.[1] Her grandfather Matthew Shrieve was leader of the original Creature Commandos during World War II, including Frankenstein, Nina Mazursky, Vincent Velcoro and Warren Griffith.

Their entire family was slaughtered by Shrieve's second team of Creature Commandos including Doctor Phosphorus, Man-Bat, Medusa and Solomon Grundy.[2] She would go on to hunt the members down, ending with the death of Man-Bat.[1] When the original Commandos returned after decades in stasis, Lane commissioned her to terminate them. She hunted the Commandos down to Slaughter Swamp with G.I. Robot, where her team attacked and she nearly killed Frankenstein. They were interrupted by the Bride of Frankenstein, now an agent of S.H.A.D.E..[2] The Bride reveals that Shrieve's family was actually killed under Lane's orders, and she fights back against her superiors. Following the team on their last mission to find their creator Professor Mazursky, she accepts an offer to join S.H.A.D.E. and work alongside Frankenstein.[3]



  • Crossbow: Shrieve has a crossbow armed with silver bolts.[1]
  • Handgun: Shrieve has a handgun with silver bullets.[2][3]
  • Silver Knife[2]
  • Stakes[2]
  • Throwing Star Crosses[2]



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