Miriam Bätzel was the champion of the sorceress Shazam.

Early life

Miriam Bätzel and her family are German Jews living in the Berlin Ghetto, who have joined the Resistance in fighting the Nazis. She is also a descendant of the great sorceress, Shazam, who served the African Prince Aman.

Year Two (1941)

The Bombshells and German refugees have taken shelter in the Berlin Ghetto. After the Joker's Daughter and the Nazis attack, Miriam is put in charge of keeping watch over the children. To distract the children from the noise and destruction, outside, she tells them stories about the heroines of history. But as she recites the names to the heroines, a sudden surge of power comes over her transforming her into the new Shazam. The children give her the nickname, Miri Marvel. With her new found power, Shazam joins the battle and helps Zatanna Zatara break Joker's Daughter's hold over Raven. Together Shazam, Zatanna, and Raven teleport all of the German refugees and Bombshells to the coast of Nazi-occupied France, where they coincidentally meet up with Aquawoman and take refuge in her kingdom of Atlantis.

Year Three (1942)

Shazam continues to bring refugees to Atlantis to take shelter from the war.

Year Four (1943)

When Batwoman has been missing for over a week, Shazam flies to Spain to search for her. She rescues two of Batwoman's allies from being executed only to find out that the whole event was a trap set up by Black Adam to capture her and transfer her power over to his beloved Isis.



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