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Miriam "Miri" Delgado was Mirage, a member of the Team Titans with illusion casting powers.

Miriam Delgado was originally an orphan from Brazil, taken from her time by the Time Trapper. The lord of time had learned of Extant's meddling with the timeline, and he needed sleeper agents to sabotage it. He recruited Miri, Terra and Deathwing, and implanted fake memories in them.[1]

Miriam became a resistance fighter against the god-like being known as Lord Chaos. She was captured by Lord Chaos' Force Elite and forced to serve as a spy, exposing members of the underground resistance. "Mirage" rebelled against her masters and helped to liberate a neophyte metahuman named Redwing just moments before she would have fallen into the Force Elite's clutches.

Mirage, Redwing and several other Metahumans banded together as the Team Titans. They decided that the only way to defeat Lord Chaos was to travel backwards in time and kill his mother Donna Troy at a point before Chaos would be born. They traveled backwards ten years, but arrived in a different timeline from their origin point. They still attempted to kill Donna Troy and Mirage used her powers to impersonate Starfire and seduce the New Titans leader, Nightwing. The team's tactic failed and they soon made peace with the New Titans, joining together to defeat Lord Chaos. The other New Titans, particularly Starfire, never trusted Mirage though.

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  • Psionic Powers: Miriam has a set of powers that is psionic in nature.[2]
    • Illusion Casting: Mirage's primary power, the ability to alter her appearance into another person.
    • Power Absorption: After her powers were amplified in a duel with Psimon, she gained the ability to drain his powers.[2]