Misa really only wants to have fun. Daughter of the Hairies leader Jude and his mate Lucy Diamond Sky, the headstrong Misa rejected her people’s devotion to peace and exploration of the Wild Area inside their mountain of Judgment for a more adventurous lifestyle. But Misa’s rebellion involved conflict with the Man of Steel, whom the brilliant young harridan once captured to aid her escape from The Wild Area and her then husband Bron.

Following Jimmy Olsen's announcement that he knew who Superman was, Misa turned away from her life of crime and travelled with Jimmy when he was being chased by Intergang. After a few adventures, including some with Scorn and Ashbury Armstrong, they returned to Metropolis where Misa used a device to make Jimmy invisible to Intergang. The two seemed to be romantically involved.

Misa later joins Maxima, Anomaly, Barrage and Riot in forming the Superman Revenge Squad for no other reason then to annoy Superman.

When Mainframe banished the Hairies to another dimension Misa abandoned her villainous ways to help Superman rescue them.



  • Bag of Tricks: Misa’s bag of tricks contains an arsenal of high-tech gadgets of her own design. This arsenal includes a short-range teleporter and a harmonizer that let’s Misa possess the mind of whoever puts it on.



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