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Miss Tribb is one of the last surviving Czarnians.

She was Lobo's fourth-grade history teacher and she somehow survived Lobo's genocide on his people.

When Vril Dox II, the head of L.E.G.I.O.N. hired Lobo to transport a prisoner to him safe and alive. While the transport normally wouldn't be more than a boring job for Lobo, it turns out the prisoner in question is not only the person who wrote the book on Lobo but was also his fourth grade teacher, Miss Tribb.

The Legion Of Decency, a group of old women who want to kill Miss Tribb for writing such a nasty book; a group of truckers, after an altercation at a truck stop; the Dunedin Police S.W.A.T. Team after Lobo killed their chief; and the Pan-Galactic Demolition Dance Company after having to get Miss Tribb from their show and slaughtering many of their dance troop. The only people on his side is the gang calling themselves the Sons of Lobo, not that he cares or even knows.

While each of the groups has their reasons for wanting Lobo and Miss Tribb dead, he eventually falls into the hands of The Orthography Commandos who seek to remove the ignorant and functionally illiterate from the universe. They have a special way of eliminating these so-called unwanted by holding a spelling bee.

Lobo is smarter than he lets on, especially when he's given words to spell that he likes such as "Genocide", for example. Things go his way until he makes the mistake of telling these people that Miss Tribb is a teacher. Eventually, Lobo loses his patience with these people and kills them all.

Unfortunately, after this situation is sorted out, with the violence he contacts Vril Dox II and tells him he's taking a vacation on Revel-7. He does this over an unsecured line and it draws everyone to him like flies.

One worldwide riot and massive body count later, Lobo delivers Miss Tribb alive and as soon as Vril Dox II receives the old woman, Lobo fixes things so that he is, once again, the Last Czarnian.



  • Writing: She published a best-seller about Lobo which generated anger over various groups.
  • Historiography: History teacher.
  • Pedagogy


  • Miss Tribb have the uncanny ability to irritating anyone, which puts her in trouble very frequently.
  • Because her age, Miss Tribb's czarnian powers are feeble. She can't replicate herself when she receive cutting damage.



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