Missile Man accidentally discovered his powers while he was trying to jump a train. He immediately decided to use his new powers for good. The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he joined the metahuman effort in World War II against the Nazis, clashing against the Black Panzer, among others. On V-E Day, he and other superheroes of his time received medals, but he was not sent to Japan along with other heroes of the time.

Instead, he was sent to the Nevada desert to investigate the crash landing of a UFO. The ship turned out to be a Daemonite ship, its crew desperate to inform its race that they had lost the war with the Kherubim. The United States Army reclaimed the ship, and reverse-engineered its technology to form the Number of the Beast program, a virtual holding cell for superhumans. Missile Man was duped by his government into capturing super-criminals into the NOTB program as a prison, but not knowing that he was going to be also forcefully inducted into the program.[1][2]

Eventually on orders from Miles Craven, Missile Man was instructed to capture superheroes. He, reluctantly, agreed to this until he's ordered to capture an old flame named Ingenue. He then decides to go A.W.O.L. and take Ingenue with him. Unfortunately, Ingenue found out that the government was after her and decided to commit suicide rather than be introduced to the N.O.T.B. program.[3]

Anguished over Ingenue's death, Missile Man returned and confronted Craven about the purpose of Number of the Beast. Craven tells him that it was necessary to keep the world safe. When Missile Man tries to attack him, a young Gabriel Newman stops him. Missile Man was imprisoned into the NOTB until he wake up from the program during the time of World's End.

World's End

Since after the Armageddon Missile Man is a wino in the ruins of Delaware. He's been approached by The Paladins, who are on a mission to go after an already alive Miles Craven, which Missile Man eagerly accepts.[4]

Missile Man was later seen with the Paladins answering to Stormwatch's Fuji's call, as they offered to help Earth's gathered heroes in battling against the Knights of Khera.


  • Missile Man is mentioned to have been portrayed by actor Kane Richmond (who was best known for playing as The Shadow) in an old serial movie.



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