Nuclear engineer Dr. Charles Langley and his assistant Susan Rodriguez created the robot Mister Atom that would process nuclear waste back into inert material. When Rodriguez had a falling out with Langley and left the project, the elderly Langley was left unable to take care for himself. The decommissioned nuclear silo where Mister Atom was built suddenly lost power and the facility lost its heat, causing Langley to slowly die from the cold before inadvertently commanding Mister Atom that he needed "a good woman to take care of [him]."[1]

Mister Atom followed Langley's commands and wandered to the Shorestar Nuclear Power Plant in order to replenish itself with spent nuclear fuel rods. The robot eventually comes into conflict with Captain Marvel and capturing Mary Marvel and bringing her to the deceased Langley. Captain Marvel was able to contact Susan Rodriguez, who shut down Mister Atom via voice command. Soon after the Nuclear Regulatory System arrested Rodriguez and Mister Atom was turned over to the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

While under DOMA custody Mister Atom was modified with military applications. The Venusian worm Mister Mind took possession of Sarge Steel and compelled Steel to send Mister Atom to the Fawcett City suburb of Fairfield, where the robot detonated a nuclear bomb, destroying the town and killing thousands, in an attempt to eliminate the Marvel Family. Fortunately, the radioactive fallout was contained by Ibis.[2]



  • When damaged Mister Atom may speak backwards.[1]



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