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Mr. Combustible was one of Penguin's lieutenants.

Mr. Combustible was a criminal-in-training who went to the Penguin for a possible alliance. The Penguin, agreeing to help other rookie villains as well, told the group that he would hold their money in his impenetrable vault. But, Chase broke into the vault and attempted to run off with the villains' money. Mr. Combustible rushed to stop her, and, after a run it with Batman, sensed a large amount of C-4. Batman pushed Mr. Combustible and the rest of the villains out of the room as it exploded.

Later, after the arrival of the Crime Syndicate, Batman was believed to be beaten and disappeared from Gotham. In his absence, anarchy reigned in the streets as the lunatics from Arkham Asylum were freed by the Syndicate. Blackgate, though, was broken into by Bane [1], who commanded the Blackgate prisoners to fight with him against the lunatics, starting an unofficial Arkham War. Mr. Combustible, doing as he was told, was dragged in as one of Bane's foot soldiers.[2]

Surviving multiple battles, Mr. Combustible endured much until, finally, he was killed by the crazy Ventriloquist Shauna Belzer's living puppet Ferdie. Ferdie, with drills in his hands, rammed them into Mr. Combustibles glass head, literally cracking his skull.[3]

However, later he was seen alive and well, still acting as one of Penguin's subordinates.[4]


  • Explosive Sense: Mr. Combustible can sense nearby explosives as shown by his ability to sense the C-4 planted by Chase in the Iceberg Casino.[5]

  • Mr. Combustible possibly has a British accent due to his use of stereotypical phrases and outfit.
  • Mr. Combustible's head is filled with "goop" according to Ferdie, his killer. Ferdie, after breaking Combustible's glass head, said that he was expecting, "a genie or at least some Jell-O!" [6]



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