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Mister E is a former magic-wielding superhero before he gave into his dark temptations.

Having lost his eyes from a spell gone wrong, this setback didn't stop E from becoming one of the most powerful magicians in the world. Mister E, as well as some of his other dark magic allies, formed the Cult of the Cold Flame, wanting to organize an army of magicians to do their bidding.

At one point, E was a member of the Trenchcoat Brigade, alongside the Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, and Doctor Occult. The Brigade guided a young boy, Tim Hunter, through the realms and ages of magic.[1] At the end of time, E attempted, but failed, to kill Tim to prevent him from turning evil in the future.[2]

With his (lack of) sight set on more magical triumph, Mister E ran into conflict with John Constantine, who tried to hinder the Cold Flames' plans in every way he could. When E and the other two remaining leaders of the Cult stole Constantine's cache of magical items and absorbed their power, E was finally vanquished by Constantine and his soul absorbed into the Moonblade.[3]



Other Characteristics

  • Blind
  • No Physical Body: (formerly) After being slain by Constantine and the Moonblade, Mister E's physical body was destroyed but his soul was trapped within the artifact.[3]



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