Quote1 I'm 150 years old but I've found the elixir of life and I can do ANYTHING! Quote2
-- Mr. Elixir src

The man now known as Mr. Elixir, as a boy in 1790, was stranded on a tropical island, and lived there for 150 years, due to his diet of special indigenous herbs. Upon returning to America, Elixir took a room in a boarding house, struggled with his rent, and worked night and day to replicate the vitalizing properties of his tropical diet, until one day he discovered a fluid which, when poured over ordinary leaves or plants, caused them to shrink and turn brown, and to synthesize the unknown super-vitamin which accounted for his longevity, plus made him strong enough to lift a piano. He resolved to secretly fight organized crime, and studied the arts of hypnotism, ventriloquism, and sleight of hand, all to develop a mysterious persona he called The Voice.




  • Power Loss: Mr. Elixer is dependent on the herbs to sustain his strength.
  • (Mister) Elixir is not The Voice's birth name -- he forgot his birth name after spending over 150 years alone on a desert island. However, it is the legal name he adopted when he returned to America. There is probably a first name to go with it, but it has not been revealed.
  • Elixir did not use a costume to disguise himself as the Voice. Instead, he used ventriloquism and misdirection to remain unseen. Some of the criminals who have fought the Voice believe he is a disembodied spirit.
  • In his second adventure, Mr. Elixir adopted a monocle.[1]



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