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Quote1.png I may not be death himself, but this won't save Dudley-- he dies tomorrow! Quote2.png
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Mister Finish is an "evil" Pooka replacement to Tawky Tawny.

He began to plague Uncle Dudley soon after Tawny left to film a movie in California. The more that Dudley drank to rid himself of the demon following him the more Dudley ran his mouth about people who had wronged him. Unfortunately, Mister Finish sought to kill these people which included Miss Wormwood (who fired Dudley), Audrey (his ex-wife), Delroy Amberson (who replaced Dudley as Billy Batson's friend) and Mary Batson (who moved Billy away from Fawcett City). Finish was only temporarily stopped by a ring forged by Solomon to exorcise demons.[1]


  • Demonic Physiology: Mister Finish took the form of a werewolf to disguise himself as an evil version of Tawky Tawny. Because of this demonic form he used it's natural powers as well as his own demonic abilities to murder anyone who Dudley didn't like.[1]
    • Illusion Casting: Mister Finish took the form of Shazam to trick Mary Marvel into believing he was the Wizard and tried to get her to return to the form of Mary Batson in order to kill her.[1]
    • Intangibility: Mister Finish cannot be touched by normal or even magical means. He is emotionally tied to Dudley and therefore can only be touched by Dudley.[1]
    • Teleportation: Mister Finish can teleport to wherever he pleases. He uses this ability to travel through the mortal plane in order to murder Dudley's associates.[1]


  • Vulnerability to Exorcism: Mister Finish could only be stopped when he was removed from the mortal plane of existence by something. In this case he was removed by a ring forged by King Solomon.[1]



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