Mister Freeze's Ice Gun, also known simply as the 'Cold Gun' and 'Freeze Ray', is a piece of cryogenics weaponry which serves as Mister Freeze's signature weapon.


Mister Freeze's Ice Gun, also known simply as the 'Cold Gun' and 'Freeze Ray', is a piece of cryogenics weaponry which serves as Mister Freeze's signature weapon.


The first ice gun was created by a scientist, who would later adopt the identity of the criminal Mister Zero. He created the weapon using a concentrated freezing solution, which would act as a fast-freezing gas whenever it was triggered. Besides the freezing function of the gun, Zero also included an additional barrel which fired an acetylene flame. The combination was used by Zero to break strong structures by exposing them to intense heat, followed by intense cold. The gun was also capable of freezing elements from a distance with great accuracy and also created ice paths by freezing air molecules.[1]

Later, the gun was greatly improved by Mr. Zero, who changed his name to Mister Freeze. In this improvement, the gun was no longer a small weapon with tiny barrels. The new gun was connected to a large tank, which provided the chemicals needed to complete the freezing or heating processes. The gun was also larger, so it resembled a shotgun and it was renamed as the "Cryothermal Gun", because of its capability of heating and freezing at the same time.[2]

Freeze updated the weapon a second time, eliminating most of the previous upgrades. Making the weapon as small as a hand gun, Freeze connected it to a regulating belt in his Cryo-Suit, which enabled the gun's proper operation. The gun was now only capable of freezing objects in solid ice and it would often be placed in a holster on Freeze's right leg.[3] Soon, Freeze eliminated the need for a cable connection to his belt, although he relocated the holster to that place.[4] On later occasions, Freeze alternated between the holster gun and the cable-belt gun and made the power of the gun vary according to the needs. With this upgrade, the gun could cover solid surfaces with a slight frost or engulf objects in solid ice.[5]

New Earth

Mister Freeze constructed his signature weapon shortly after the incident which left him unable to survive outside a subzero environment. His weapon is able to produce gusts of cold degrees below absolute zero, as well as coat objects in a block of ice, create similar-looking constructs or encase opponents in a frosty 'cocoon'.[6][7] The early versions of the gun were connected to the boots of the cryo-suit, which provided Freeze with the energy needed to activate the gun.[8]

Mister Freeze used an improved, smaller version of his cold gun on his battle against Red Hood and after being outnumbered, Freeze used the gun to create an ice column and escaped from the battle.[9]

Some time later, Freeze used the gun to trap members of Intergang into blocks of ice.[10]


  • Using the same principle of the Ice Gun, Freeze has been able to create large Ice Cannons.[5]

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