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Mr. Gilchrist was a wealthy resident of Middle Hampton. He had a young daughter named Rosie.

Gilchrist owned considerable real estate in New York City, owning at least a city block's worth of apartment buildings.

He voiced the Middle Hampton city council's concern that Wally West's residence in the city was a liability.

However, after Wally captured Chunk, who was responsible for a robbery at the city's art gallery, Gilchrist was much friendlier to Wally and more willing to work things out.

A fiasco involving Chunk and a disappearing garbarge barge brought down Gilchrist's opinion of Wally yet again. He was not surprised when the young speedster lost all his money and was forced to move into one of Gilchrist's apartments. In fact, he took great pleasure in informing Wally that he was being evicted for not paying his rent.

However, Gilchrist soon found himself asking Wally for help when Vandal Savage and Nick Bassaglia took his daughter hostage, demanding five million dollars. When he called, Wally hung the phone up on him. Wally eventually agreed after Gilchrist offered a reward, and went looking for Savage alongside Mason Trollbridge and Jerry McGee.

Wally followed a series of clues left by Savage which eventually led him to Barry Allen's grave, where Rosie had been buried alive. Wally rescued her and refused the reward money.