Mr. Grandours was a member of the 13th Floor Witches.

Mr. Grandours is a wizard who specializes in transformations. John Bullhorn, the Lilliputian on a quest for the girl-sprouting barleycorn seeds, first met Grandours in bear form, guarding the Adversary's tower of magical artifacts.

Mr Grandours02

Mr. Grandours in Bear form

The only reason Mr. Grandours accepted the job in the first place was because he believed there was no where else to go, that all the other lands had been conquered. Upon hearing of the Mundy world, he promised to help Johnny if he would take him along.

He lived on the Farm for many years as a bear, before transforming into a human and moving into the Woodlands on the 13th Floor


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Mr. Grandours is effectively immortal, with a lifespan that goes back several hundred years.
  • Magic: Being a wizard, Mr. Grandours is adept at many charms and enchantments.



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