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"Mister Handsome" is a crimelord and a one-time enemy of Catwoman.

"Mister Handsome" was a criminal mastermind, who operated in Gotham City. He commanded the Model Army; a group of henchmen who used handsome men masks, following the example of their leader. The Model Army stole priceless items and art pieces for Mister Handsome; who was a devoted admirer of beautiful things.

Mister Handsome had a wife called Mary; a woman of outstanding beauty. She was believed to have died in an accident and shortly after, Handsome underwent a throat surgery. After losing his wife and voice, Handsome changed his modus operandi and destroyed the beautiful items that his thugs would collect for him. His new goal became the destruction of everything beautiful and Handsome deemed Catwoman as the most beautiful thing in Gotham.

As a result, Catwoman confronted Handsome and discovered that Mister Handsome was dead and that he had been replaced by Mary, his supposedly dead wife. Mary had faked her death and killed her husband in order to take over his empire. She came up with the throat surgery story to justify the change in his voice. With the power to control the Model Army, Mary's goal was to force Catwoman into killing her; as she deemed her the only person worthy of eliminating her life; which had been a nightmare ever since she lost her beauty due to the natural aging process.

Catwoman stopped Mary with help from Batman and Mister Handsome's criminal empire came to an end.

  • Despite having the alias of a man; the character is actually a woman throughout her whole and only story.