The Kid arrived at an artificial heaven created by the Lords of Chaos, who make the Kid their servant by convincing him he had been killed too early and that they would return him to life for the error.

The Kid is given the power to summon people by saying "Eternity", but the people he summons are actually demons who assume the form of the figures he chooses. He can choose any person or fictional character, without regard to "good" or "evil" to bring back. The Lords of Chaos give the Kid a guide, a minor Lord of Chaos called "Mr. Keeper". Mr. Keeper, who assumes the form of a pudgy, overweight human, acts as a guide for the kid in setting up and turning on a series of Chaos Engines, which is part of a plot by the Lords of Chaos to earn their way back into heaven by forcing the evolution of mankind, a deed for which they feel God will forgive their past transgressions.



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