Mister Mind is a Venusian worm that, despite its size, is one of the most dangerous enemies of Captain Marvel.


The most diabolical of the mind-enthralling Venusian worms first made his way to Earth stowing away aboard the Magellan space probe. Uniting with the megalomaniacal Doctor Sivana, Mr. Mind -- as Sivana named him -- planned a full-blown worm invasion using the wealthy Sinclair Batson as his primary host. Captain Marvel discovered the insidious scheme while searching for the spacecraft "Freya III", lost on the uncharted surface of Venus. With the aid of a sentient Mother Box, Marvel teleported the swarming worm-mass into the freezing reaches of deep space. But Mister Mind survived, later taking control of Department of Metahuman Affairs Director Sarge Steel and destroying Marvel's hometown, Fairfield, in revenge. Launching an assault upon Washington D.C. inside a worm armor-construct, Mr. Mind apparently perished in battle with the Marvel Family and their allies.


After the events of Infinite Crisis, the remaining Earths created by Alexander Luthor collapsed back together, combining historical remnants to form one New Earth. However, the single universe was too small to contain the energy inside it and it began replicating - into 52 identical Universes, a new Multiverse.

Rip Hunter, Booster Gold and Skeets arrive in the Rocky Mountains headquarters of Professor T.O. Morrow. Morrow is exhausted and stares wearily at the android face of Red Tornado in his workshop. Skeets begins shaking and the others discover that his robotic carapace has been functioning as a super-advanced cocoon. The Venusian chrysalis, Mister Mind, emerges from the cocoon as a gigantic behemoth and threatens to consume the Universe. Rip, Booster and Morrow rush back into the Time Sphere. Hunter tells them that they are going back to where it all started.

As Rip Hunter revealed to Booster Gold aboard his Time Sphere, in the few seconds after the creation of this new Multiverse, the Earths (and their corresponding Universes) "will occupy the same space, each on a different vibrational plane".[1]

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Mr. Mind: Post-Transformation

During their efforts to stop the vastly powerful Mr. Mind from destroying every universe, Hunter described Mind's efforts as "eating years and events from this universe's history -- altering the Earth with every flap of his wings". This resulted in the Earths changing, becoming different from New Earth in varying degrees.

Hunter's plan to defeat Mr. Mind rested with Booster, Supernova, and Skeets. By fortifying Skeets' shell with Sivana's invention, Suspendium, they managed to imprison Mr. Mind in Skeets. Booster threw Skeets through an opening in time while Supernova ensured that it ended up in the correct time: Week 0 Day 0. Mr. Mind's devolved form is found (again) by Sivana, who imprisons him. Hunter used the 52 seconds of missing time to bind Mr. Mind, forever condemned to live within that loop.


  • Alien Physiology: Though all Venusian worms can control the minds of weaker species, Mr. Mind's abilities far exceed those of his worm brethren. After the death of his Venusian worm brethren, all the powers of them passed on to Mr. Mind, greatly amplifying his abilities.[2] After transforming from his cocoon, Mr. Mind possessed the ability to literally consume the history of a Universe, causing alternate timelines to result.
    • Telepathy: Mr. Mind has been described as one of the Earth's most formidable telepaths and one of the highest order on record.[3]
    • Telekinesis
  • Metamorphosis


  • Genius Level Intellect: Mr. Mind possesses a vast intellect which affords him significant abilities in manipulation and leadership, and is possibly the most intelligent member of his species.[3]
  • Multilingualism: Mister Mind can speak Venusian and English. He may know other languages as well.


  • Communicator: Mr. Mind wears a miniaturized transmitter so that lesser beings can hear his commanding voice.



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