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Quote1 Mr. Minos. The man with the labyrinth face. It's so delightfully tacky. Very '60s Fleming. It's so fun to play spy. Quote2
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Mister Minos is actually three different androids masquerading as the same person. He was a mole created by Checkmate to infiltrate Spyral and eventually rose to becoming it's leader.

Minos' plans all along were to collect the parts of the dead superhuman, Paragon, and reassemble them to create a cyborg under his control. He used Paragon to attack the Spyral agents and apparently killed Agent M. Paragon was then killed by Agent 37 and Agent 1, who shot him in the heart. With Paragon defeated, Mr. Minos was left defenceless, but Helena, who had survived Paragon's attack shot him in the back and killed him. Meanwhile, the second android made a last ditch attempt to sell all of Spyral's files to a Checkmate agent. However, this agent was in reality Agent 0, and she killed him too.[1] As a result, the third android went into hiding for several years.

It resurfaced and using a mind control device forced all the Spyral agents at their headquarters into working for him. He then sent them after agents aroud the world in order to silence them so that he could carry out his plans to destroy humans. Dick and Helena, now going by Nightwing and Huntress responded to a distress call from one of the hunted agents, Agent 19, and found him dead. Then, all the brainwashed agents were sent to stop them. They evaded the Spyral agents and made it back to St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls, where the base was located, and confronted him. Huntress electrocuted him with wires during their skirmish and short circuited Minos. He then revealed that he was an advanced android to them and asked them what dying would feel like before breaking down.[2]


Claimed to be Hyperion 1.0 an ambient tech product created by Project Cadmus in conjunction with Checkmate Business Solutions.[3]



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