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On Apokolips, Orion forces a Parademon to dig Granny Goodness up; then he beheades her corpse with a knife.

Quote1.png This is the face of God. Quote2.png

Mister Miracle (Volume 4) #3 is an issue of the series Mister Miracle (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2017. It was published on October 11, 2017.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

On Apokolips, Orion forces a Parademon to dig Granny Goodness up; then he beheades her corpse with a knife.

Scot is in bed with his wife, Big Barda. He tells her a horribly sad story Granny Goodness used to tell him at Christmas, but Barda keeps sleeping. Then, Scot gets up and takes his pills and the narrator implies that they may be produced by Doctor Bedlam and so they may actually cause Scot's distorted experience of reality he's currently been facing. As Scot sits on his couch, he's greeted by Forager, who tells him that Orion has been killing his people, the Bugs, even though they were fighting for his cause. Because of this, Forager pleads his loyalty to Scot, saying that if Scot leads them, Orion will die. In that moment, Lightray appears from a Boom Tube inside Scot's house and proceeds to incinerate Forager, as he had been instructed not to talk to Scot. Scot asks Lightray if what Forager said is true, to which Lightray simply answers "Don't be stupid, Scott". Getting back to bed, Scot hugs his wife and suddenly sees the words "Darkseid is", a recurring phrase he's heard many repeat lately.

The following day, Scot, dressed up as Mister Miracle for a show, climbs up a very high framework, locks himself inside a wooden box and then the box is left to crush to the ground. Before the impact, Mister Miracle has somehow escaped.

During lunch with Barda, Scot tells her he's worried about his condition, and she promises him they'll find help after the war is over. As he tries to tell her he wants to face Orion, a fan of theirs asks for a selfie to post on her social media.

On New Genesis, Scott finally confronts Orion. He tells him he's afraid the Anti-Life Equation might actually be inside one or both of them, which would explain their odd behaviour lately. As an answer, Orion asks him "Have you ever seen the face of God?" and hits him in the face multiple times. When Scott is on the ground, bleeding badly, Orion adds that he has and that it helped him a lot. So, in order to help Scott too, he removes his helmet and shows Scott his own face. Scott starts having his usual perceptive distortions, as the narrator seems positive that Doctor Bedlam's pills have worked as the perfect trap for the super escape artist.

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