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Scott spends his last day on Earth with Barda, before his planned execution decreed by Orion.

Quote1.png This is it. The last memory you'll get of the world that loved you. Red lights. Endless. At least it's pretty. It's almost pretty. Quote2.png
Big Barda

Mister Miracle (Volume 4) #5 is an issue of the series Mister Miracle (Volume 4) with a cover date of February, 2018. It was published on December 13, 2017.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Scott spends his last day on Earth with Barda, before his planned execution decreed by Orion.

First, they go visit Jack Kirby's hand-print on a Walk of Fame. Suddenly, Funky Flashman, an entrepreneur interested in Scott's work, turns up and takes them to a limousine. He explains to the couple that Scott's death is a problem since he's very popular on Earth, so the solution would be for him to go on record saying he didn't manage to escape from life the first time and to commit suicide, this time for real.

Scott and Barda arrive home, where they have passionate bondage sex.

At a graveyard, Scott homages with flowers the grave of his old manager, Oberon Kurtzberg. Then, he and Barda drive through the traffic of Los Angeles to get downtown. During their stay in the car, they listen to their "song": the moans of the damned in the pits where they first met, played by Mother Box.

At a fast food, they talk about their cat's constipation. When Scott's sandwitch arrives, he tells Barda to get one as well, but she answers she couldn't eat given the situation.

In a park where Scott used to go when he first got to L.A., they look at the lake in it and perceive its unpleasant smell.

At a fun fair, Scott "wins" a huge Wonder Woman puppet for Barda, by using his fame state. They then ask a passer-by to take a picture of them, but he doesn't seem able to use the device.

At sunset, on the beach near the fun fair, Scott talks about philosophical matters (especially the Cartesian "cogito") until the sun goes down.

After getting stuck into traffic again, Scott and Barda look at the city from a hill and then go back home. Barda bursts into tears, but then she and Scott make love again. In bed, Scott sees the usual "Darkseid is" writing, when he's disturbed by Funky Flashman, who entered through a Boom Tube with two royal guards of New Genesis, ready to take him to his fate. Flashman says Scott will have to give a huge press conference first, where he'll explain he's ready to try again to escape death, so the hero dresses up as Mister Miracle. Suddenly, Barda kills both guards and seriously injures Flashman with her Mega-Rod; then, she asks Scott to stay with her.

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  • Jack Kirby is the creator of Mister Miracle. Funky Flashman is popularly considered to be Kirby's caricature of his old friend turned rival, Stan Lee.
  • Oberon's last name (Kurtzberg) is also Kirby's actual last name.
  • While in issue #3 Scott is seen wearing a Batman shirt, and in issue #4 wearing a Green Lantern shirt, here he wears a Flash shirt at the graveyard.
  • Madam Fifi is one of the three cats Scott and Barda own. The other two are called Steppenkitty and Furseid.[1]

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