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Quote1 I'm Mr. Mxyzptlk, an interdimensional peacekeeper, and I need your help. Quote2
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Mister Mxyzptlk is a reality-warping imp from another dimension who antagonizes Superman and the League of Lois Lanes.

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp who apparently has met many varying version of Superman from across the Multiverse, however he was caught by the League of Lois Lanes and almost imprisoned. Due to his impish abilities he was able to escape and decided to cause mischief and so traveled to Earth-12, there he met the Superman of that universe who was at the moment planning a date with his world's Lois Lane. Due to this, Superman did not want any business with Mxy, so in order to change Superman's mind he lied and stated the League had imprisoned his Lois and wanting to save her Superman immediately dressed up and the 2 left to Earth-Prime. After the 2 arrived Mxy revealed that this had all been an elaborate trick so he could get to Earth-Prime and steal stuff causing Superman to try stop him.

Mxy, refusing to let himself be stopped teleported himself and Superman to Earth-14 a desert wasteland. After Superman attempted to stop him there they were suddenly met by the League who upon spotting Superman shot him down. Mxy then used the distraction caused by Superman to sneak on the League's ship only to be caught by Earth-12's Lois. However due to Lois not trusting her alternate selves the 2 drove the ship to The Space Between Worlds where the League headquarters were, there Mxy grabbed his hat from the list of trophies on the League's walls upgrading his abilities. After a lengthy battle with both the League, Earth-12's Superman, Lois, and Jimmy Olsen Mxy was seemingly defeated when Lois grabbed his hat while Superman distracted him and then Jimmy pounced him.

Mxy was though to be imprisoned by the League however when Lois looked at varying versions of Superman who were evil he was there planting a seed of doubt into her head.





  • The Hat (Formerly)



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