Quote1.png Do you know what you are? Of course you don't. You are flaws in this thoughtless design. For while I may be your master, I am most definitely not your maker. I would never have burdened such pathetic creatures with the gift of life. For to be alive, you have to have purpose. And you have none. Except to serve. Quote2.png
Adrian Veidtsrc

Mister Phillips is both a race of identical clones and a single position held by one of those clones at any given point to serve Adrian Veidt.


Mister Phillips was originally created by Doctor Manhattan in his effort to revitalize the moon of Jupiter called Europa. Manhattan based Phillips' design, as well as his companion Ms. Crookshanks, on the two beneficiaries he saw having sex when he was a child as homage to his promise to them to create something beautiful. In Manhattan's eyes, Phillips and Crookshanks served as the Adam and Eve of his new world.

Phillips and Crookshanks would be birthed on the world in the water, asexually cloned as fetuses until they rapidly reached adulthood. They had an insatiable desire to serve, which Manhattan felt bored with.

However, when Adrian Veidt offered Doctor Manhattan the oppurtunity to forget his superpowers, Manhattan repaid Veidt by sending him to the paradise on Europa where he could live in isolation with the Phillips and Crookshanks to adore and serve him.

Eventually, Veidt grew tired of his paradise and started to see it as a prison and became abusive to the clones, eventually concocting a plan to catapult their corpses into space to spell a rescue message on Europa's surface, knowing that Lady Trieu would see it. He then left via Lady Trieu's rocketship, but not before murdering the first Mister Phillips, who he had commanded to be his enemy.


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