When one of his plans lands him in Arkham Asylum, The Ventriloquist and his evil puppet Scarface are seperated in an attempt to rehabilitate Wesker. When the villain is finally released, Dr. Strange encourages Wesker to find a life outside of crime.

Trying to be a normal person, Wesker creates Mr. Snoots, an orange Muppet-looking puppet. Mr. Snoots and the Ventriloquist become a children's act, entertaining kids at parties. Unlike his "brother" Scarface, Mr. Snoots is a kind hearted, friendly puppet.

One day, when Hugo Strange wanted to test his work, the puppet Scarface returns to Wesker's apartment. Scarface beats Mr. Snoots, rips out his eye, and puts the orange puppet in Wesker's fridge. Scarface and Wesker become evil partners again.

When Scarface's plan fails again, Wesker and the villainous puppet go to the set of one of Wesker's old puppet shows. There, Scarface accuses Wesker of ratting them out to the police.

When the Batman arrives, the hero tells Scarface that it was Mr. Snoots who ratted them out. Now both on Wesker's hands, Scarface and Mr. Snoots fight each other. After much fighting between the puppets, the two of them are killed when Wesker just barely escapes from the approaching train. Both Scarface and Mr. Snoots are killed.



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