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Quote1.png I's all eyes. Looks like a job for Uotan and Stubbs, multiversal investigators. Time to summon your alter ego! Quote2.png
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Mister Stubbs is the partner of Nix Uotan, the Superjudge.

Stubbs accompanied the Monitor to Earth 7 where they encountered its last survivor defeated by The Gentry, a mysterious group of evil beings who wanted to corrupt the entire Multiverse, inevitably corrupting them in the process.[1] But turns out the Monitor had allowed himself to be defeated and purposely opened the doors of the Multiverse in order to assemble the greatest heroes of the Orrery of Worlds, a super-army who will defeat The Gentry and save all creation.

Thus at the battle on Earth 8, Stubbs freed himself from The Gentry and revealed to Captain Carrot Nix's plan to save the Multiverse, who in turn explained the situation to the Red Racer in order to execute the Monitor's scheme. The plan was successful, as the Multiverse's Flashes united their power to destroy Nix Uotan's Gentry form and release him from their control.

The Gentry emerged from the Monitor's cube to invade the universe, to which Stubbs told them that they lost in their own game before the superhero army overpowered and easily defeated them, seemingly saving all universes.

At the end, Mister Stubbs stood next to a recovered Nix Uotan when the later was being congratulated by Harbinger in front of the greatest heroes of 50 worlds, finally being able to return home in peace.[2]


  • Transformation: When the Superjudge is off-duty, Stubbs takes the form of an immobile plush monkey and is capable off transforming into his sentient chimp form at will.[1]




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