Mister Teeth was an enemy of Batman.

Mister Teeth's origins are largely unknown. His crimes first came to light 3 years before he was hired by Deathstroke for a job in Gotham City. In a series of murders commited in the Pacific Northwest, he removed and implanted teeth of people into their stomach, being dubbed as "The Teeth Eater" by the Portland police. After this, he decided to become an assassin going by the name "Mister Teeth", while still continuing to implant teeths of his victims into their stomach.[1]

Mr. Teeth was hired by Deathstroke as part of The Designer's plan to take out Batman while also taking revenge on the criminals who betrayed him in the past. He was hired by Deathstroke as part of a team to fulfill Designer's plans by taking out Bruce Wayne. Batman attacked Deathstroke and took the others down by misleading them into his traps. Gunsmith was later imprisoned at the Black Block alongside others before being broken out by Deathstroke. They were however all abducted by The Penguin before Deathstroke freed them again.[2]

Mr. Teeth later went after The Riddler as part of Deathstroke's plan, not knowing The Designer had already abducted him and Batman later apprehended him.[1]



  • Mr. Teeth hates his own alias and thinks that people misunderstand his "artwork".



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