Quote1 Mr. Twister is just a name, a guise. It is the mask worn by a being you might think of as demonic. Quote2
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Mister Twister was a supernatural demon that existed outside of space and time. When Doctor Manhattan merged the DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm universes, Mister Twister was erased from the timeline. However, he was not completely destroyed -- he still existed, trapped outside the Prime Earth universe. As time passed he gained strength to the point where he could send a mirage of himself to the Prime Earth universe. When his essence arrived on Earth he attempted to bring an army of demons from another dimension to Earth. The demonic ruler of this dimension promised Twister that if he brought them to Earth, he would bring Twister's full form into back into the universe. However, the Titans stopped Mister Twister from bringing the demons to Earth.


  • Magic: Mr. Twister is a demon and must use manipulative ways to twist his victims into inducing a ritual that will bring him into this plane of existence. While he's outside of our world he cannot be harmed.[1]
    • Telepathy: Mr. Twister can talk to people through their minds. He often invades his victim's heads and makes them think they're hearing voices.[2][1]
    • Mind Control: Mr. Twister can control the minds of even the most powerful people. Pain makes his victims weak, and weakness lets him into your mind.[1]
    • Remote Possession: Twister can host multiple people and make them do his bidding even while maintaining his own corporeal form. He'd done this with both Gnarrk, Mal Duncan and even Psimon.[3]
      • Transformation: Possessing other triggers physical changes in the effected host, some being purely cosmetic while others are alot more drastic.[3]


  • Staff: Mr. Twister's feathered staff allows him finer control over his victims. The closer they are to his staff the more easily they can be manipulated.



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