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Mr. Wolf is a werewolf who is obligated to turn into a monster every time the moon is full. Due to his aversion to his "condition", he has worked with the Teen Titans to keep himself under control.

After being turned away from any other institution that he sought help from, Mr. Wolf asked the Teen Titans for their help with his "condition". Though the Titans were hesitant because Wolf was vague about what he meant, they accepted to help him anyway. However, coincidentally, Mr. Wolf asked for their assistance on Halloween, thus forcing Beast Boy to keep an eye on Wolf himself as the other Titans went out trick-or-treating.

When the moon was full, Mr. Wolf transformed in a werewolf and escaped into Jump City. The Titans regrouped and managed to lure Wolf into a trap using pizza, safely getting him under control. The next morning, Wolf thanked the Titans for their work and planned to visit them next month when he had to transform again. [1]


  • Claws
  • Fangs
  • Superhuman Digestion: Mr. Wolf develops an insatiable appetite in his wolf state. He devoured an entire cart of hot dogs and couldn't ignore the smell of pizza. [2]


  • Power Instability: Once a month, Mr. Wolf transforms into a wolf outside of his control.