Mister Z was an immortal enemy of Superman

Mister Z is apparently immortal, and claimed on his first meeting with Superman to have met him before during World War II, a claim which puzzled Superman. He collects souls in the gem set into the handle of his cane, but an attempt to collect Superman's soul failed apparently due to the man of steel's alien heritage overloading the jewel: the gem was apparently destroyed and the many souls Mr. Z had collected over the centuries were released to go on to their final reward. Mr. Z himself was apparently killed when his gem was destroyed, but later woke up in the morgue and escaped to parts unknown.

Some weeks later, Superman was thrown back in time by a confrontation with a renegade Linear Man. Arriving in 1943, he was prevented from seeking aid from the Justice Batallion by the Spectre, who, aware that Superman shouldn't meet with them at this time, instead sent Superman to Germany to deal with a threat that he had detected. After saving a German mother and daughter from a Nazi patrol, Superman's investigation culminated in him encountering a Nazi General named Zeiten whom he recognized as Mr Z's younger self, learning in the process that the German army was about to perfect an atomic bomb years before America. That meeting was inconclusive; though Superman thwarted Z's schemes by destroying his equipment, Mister Z escaped again while forced to use the prototype bomb in an attempt to stop Superman; the explosion sending Superman hurtling through time once again.

The modern day Mr. Z would return to challenge Superman again after surviving a plane crash, temporarily taking control of the Man of Steel before ending up stranded on a tropical island with him for a time, the hero having lost his memory. Eventually, Superman's allies were able to rescue him while leaving Mister Z stranded on the island, where he apparently remains.




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