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Misty Kilgore was the apprentice of Zatanna.

Princess Arriachnon, also known as Rhiannon, was the first child of Melmoth, king of the Sheeda. Her mother died when she was young and the king's second wife, Gloriana Tenebrae, had it in for her. Gloriana sought immortality, so there was no need for an heiress. She ordered Neh-Buh-Loh to kill the princess. The Celestial Huntsman was moved by the girl's beauty and spared her; instead, he sent her to the past.

The princess assumed the identity of Misty Kilgore, a young runaway mage, and sought help from Zatanna. Their adventures eventually led them to find Neh-Buh-Loh again, who was less moved by her beauty this time and warned her of her stepmother's imminent rise.[1]

When the invasion began, Misty and Zatanna teamed up with other heroes. Misty's magic die led her to Klarion, who had a similar die. He explained his own connection to the Sheeda, and told her it was a Fatherbox. Misty felt that with both, she could defeat Gloriana and claim the throne. Klarion had other plans; he had Teekl attack her. With both dice, he claimed the throne after the attack.[2]