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Mitch Wacky was a legendary theme park creator on the world of Angor.

Wacky contracted influenza, a disease for which his world had no cure, and was forced to survive inside a suspended animation chamber. Before retiring to the chamber, he programmed his theme park, Wackyworld, to monitor events and continue on in his absence. He did his job too well, though. Indeed, his robot servants continued to rebuild Angor after the nuclear holocaust committed by the Extremists. In their zeal, they also rebuilt the Assemblers and Extremists, whom they programmed to think independently. Soon, these androids shared the same fate as their human predecessors. They destroyed each other, and the android Extremists again ruled the planet. Subsequently, the androids were then led by Dreamslayer and invaded Earth.

Wacky was later awakened from his suspended animation by the Justice League Europe after causing a stir in Wackyworld while fighting the androids. He was informed of the situation happening on Earth and his influenza was cured by Doctor Light. Wacky and the JLE traveled to Earth, in which Wacky successfully deactivated the Extremists' androids, stopping them from almost taking over the planet. Wacky tagged along with the JLE and soon met fellow tinkerer, Kilowog. He realized that with Kilowog's technology, he might finally be able to build a time machine. The pair succeeded, and they traveled ten years into the past, intent on changing Angor's fate. To his horror, Wacky discovered that it was he who accidentally detonated the bomb that created the original Extremists.[1]

Wacky was abducted by Dreamslayer to the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey and coerced into trying to reactivate the Extremists' androids. Wacky succeeded only in reviving Lord Havok (by using parts from the other androids) and was killed by Dreamslayer upon Havok's completion.

  • Mitch Wacky is a parody of Walt Disney. His suspended animation is a nod to the urban legend that Disney was cryogenically frozen and placed under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.



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