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Lt. Gen. Mitchell Anderson was Sam Lane's replacement at the Department of Defense. He became convinced that Superman was a danger to the world and went rogue. Anderson was eventually killed by Jon-El.

Unlike Sam, who was willing to let Superman be an apolitical figure, Anderson asked for his total allegiance to America. When Superman refused, Anderson cut the government's ties with him and replaced him with the Supermen of America, a team of young metahumans trained by the DoD.

When Bizarro appeared on Earth, John Henry Irons developed a way to track the unique energy signature of his pendant, but only the DoD had the satellites necessary to scan the world for it. Superman reluctantly gave Anderson the energy signature but asked that if he detected Bizarro he would call Superman rather than send in his team.

The Army detected Bizarro in Bolivia, but rather than alert Superman Anderson sent in the Supermen, including Tag Harris. Bizarro killed two of the Supermen almost immediately, and Tag only escaped due to Superman's intervention. During the fight Bizarro dropped the pendant, which Tag retrieved and delivered to Anderson.

After the fight Superman revealed to Anderson that he had captured the creature and asked for the pendant so he could destroy it. Anderson refused to hand it over, as he believed that Superman would use it to become more powerful and dangerous. The increasingly paranoid Anderson had Superman arrested for treason and imprisoned in the same facility as Tal-Rho.

In prison, Superman still refused to reveal Bizarro's location and told Anderson that a woman named Ally Allston was the real danger. Anderson tortured Tal-Rho with Kryptonite until Superman gave up Bizarro's location, which Superman claimed was at the Fortress of Solitude. However, all Anderson's soldiers found was the tattered remnants of Bizarro's containment suit, which Superman did not know were there.

Meanwhile, the brothers formed a temporary alliance and staged a fight in their cell that allowed them to escape. Military satellites tracked them to the Badlands, where they had previously fought. In Anderson's increasingly unstable mind, this confirmed to him that Superman, Tal-Rho and Bizarro were part of an intricate conspiracy. He took experimental Kryptonite weapons and multiple vials of inhalable X-Kryptonite from Vault 7734, as well as Bizarro's pendant, and chased after them.

He attacked the Kryptonians at Tal-Rho's Fortress, using the X-Kryptonite to give himself superpowers and hitting them with a Kryptonite gas. Superman and Tal-Rho were weakened by the gas, so Anderson was able to overpower them and shoot Tal-Rho with Kryptonite bullets. The Lara Lor-Van hologram freed Bizarro from the cage Superman was holding him in and Bizarro attacked Anderson while Superman tended to Tal-Rho. Anderson's Kryptonite weapons only made Bizarro stronger, so Anderson deduced that his weakness was X-Kryptonite and smashed multiple vials into Bizarro's face, forcing him to inhale the gas and weakening him to the point that Anderson could snap his neck. He then escaped, going AWOL and stealing the weapons and vials of X-Kryptonite he had previously taken to fight Bizarro instead of returning them.

He sought out Ally Allston, believing that she must be good if she was Superman's enemy. Ally told him that there was an inverse world where everyone had a duplicate, and that with the pendant and a duplicate of it which she owned they could fuse the two worlds together. She drugged Anderson, allowing him to see the inverse world and speak to her counterpart, proving that she was telling the truth.

As they now possessed both pendants; Ally, Anderson and a select few of Ally's followers went to the Shuster mines and found the portal which Bizarro had crossed over through. However, most of Ally's followers were painfully disintegrated when they tried to go through the portal. Superman arrived to save the few survivors, and Anderson stole Ally's pendant and jumped through the portal. He passed through unharmed, protected by his X-Kryptonite granted invulnerability.

Anderson emerged in the same cave in the inverse world, which was lined with Green Kryptonite instead of X-K. Ally's counterpart was waiting for them to emerge with some of her followers, including Anderson's counterpart and Bizarro's son Jon-El. Anderson fused the pendants together and tried to merge with his other self, but Ally ordered Jon to kill the other Anderson, unwilling to allow anyone to "ascend" before her. Jon burned the other Anderson alive with his flame-breath, and Anderson fled in horror.

He stumbled through the alternate Smallville looking for help, but as he appeared to be speaking backwards to the people of the other world they believed he was insane. He eventually found his way to the offices of the Smallville Gazette, which was a bustling newsroom on the other world. He asked Chrissy Beppo to help him find Lois Lane, and eventually managed to make himself understood by writing "LOIS" on a scrap of paper. Ally had already declared Anderson an enemy and Chrissy told him to leave, but she wrote an address on the back of his note. Anderson went to the address and eventually the alternate Lois Lane came for him.

Lois took him to a farm in Smallville where she was hiding with her father and son Jordan-El. Jordan tried to ask Anderson what had happened to his father, showing him a family picture. Anderson realised that they were Bizarro's family and that he and Ally were the villains while Superman and Bizarro had been trying to save both worlds. He broke down crying and begged for forgiveness.

Superman, who had also crossed over to the inverse world, came to the farm with Jon-El, who had presented himself to Superman as an ally. He asked Superman where Anderson and the pendants were, and when Superman told him that he did not know the superpowered teenager began beating him. Lois and Anderson intervened, with Anderson knocking Jon unconscious. Anderson apologised to Superman, saying that he realised he had been wrong and that he now understood that Superman had not told him everything as he, like Bizarro, had a family he was trying to protect.

Both versions of Ally Allston came to the farm for the pendants, bringing superpowered henchmen Tal-Rho and Lana-Rho with them. Jon also woke up and joined them. Despite the overwhelming odds, Superman and the others confronted them. Superman told Anderson to use his last vial of X-K to escape home, but he chose to stay and help Superman fight the Allys. He fought Jon-El and initially did well, but when Jon took the fight into the air Anderson struggled to control his flight and was unable to match the superpowered teenager in aerial combat. He was eventually overpowered and killed.


  • Psychic Link: Anderson had a psychic link with his inverse counterpart.


Other Characteristics


  • Ally's Pendant: (Formerly) Anderson stole Ally Allston's pendant, an artefact dating back to when the universe split from the shadow dimension and which can be used to fuse a person with their shadow self.
  • Bizarro's Pendant: (Formerly) The duplicate of Ally's pendant from the shadow dimension. It originally belonged to Ally's mirror self, then was stolen by Bizarro who brought it to Earth. The pendant was recovered by the US Army, and Anderson took it when he went AWOL.
  • X-Kryptonite




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