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Outburst was a member of the Supermen of America.

Mitch Anderson's life wasn't the greatest. The oldest child of two, his family had split up just weeks before, causing major tensions between him and his mom, whom he blamed for his dad leaving. As Mitch argued with his mother, the body of the heroine Ice was tossed into his house by the monster Doomsday. The Justice League quickly descended on his house, attempting to round up the monster, but the beast fought back, destroying his house and trapping him and his family. Mitch was forced to call Superman back to save them as the League was taken out. Though his family was saved, he felt great remorse over Superman's death, feeling that it was his fault that Superman had died.

Traveling to Metropolis, he attempted to find someone to apologize to over what had happened, but was spotted by Jimmy Olsen and Bibbo, who reassured him that what he did wasn't his fault and that Superman would prioritized saving the innocent over anything. As this was happening, other heroes were answering the letters sent to Superman. Green Lantern and The Flash answered a letter from Mitch's mother, Claire, and rebuilt the house destroyed by Doomsday. Wonder Woman found Roger, Mitch's father, and helped reunite the family.[1]

A year later, Mitch gathered the friends and family of those who died in Doomsday's rampage at the site where Doomsday first appeared. The site was protected by government agents who attempted to disperse the crowd, but Superman intervened and defused the situation. The gathered shared stories of their loved ones and Superman shared Doomsday's origins.[2]

At some point after these events, Mitch's father died of lung cancer and the family moved to a rundown part of Metropolis.[3]

Mitch became Outburst, a hero with magnetic powers. He broke into S.T.A.R. Labs to test his limits and inadvertently interrupted commandos employed by Lex Luthor who were stealing data on Superman. Despite Superman's help, the commandos escaped.[4] Mitch was assisted by Superman in rescuing Lex Luthor and Cat Grant from a crashing helicopter.[5]

Mitch helped a teenager named Tim Townsend (who introduces himself as Tim Thomas) deal with a bully named Biggs. Tim showed Mitch Lexcom's Superman articles on the internet, which showcased the Man of Steel's new take no prisoners attitude toward worldwide crime (and increasing absence from Metropolis), and Mitch decided he needed to let Superman know that he was Outburst. Helping Superman and the Metropolis S.C.U. capture Captain Boomerang and Captain Cold, he witnessed the Justice League confront Superman, and vowed that Superman would not stand alone.[6]

After the murder of an antiwar musician, Junior K.D. by members of a gang called the Dusters, Outburst goes to see Lex Luthor. Luthor reveals his plan to start an organization of concerned youth, the Supermen of America. Mitch is tapped to be the leader of the elite brigade, consisting of Brahma, Loser, Pyrogen, White Lotus and Psilencer. After training, the team is called to break up a gang riot between the Dusters and the Scorps. Psilencer is killed, and Mitch questions his place as team leader. Superman finds Mitch and thanks him and his group for protecting Metropolis.[7] Mitch decided to stay with the Supermen, who encounter and defeat the Zombi Twins in Centennial Park.[8] Outburst later disciplined members of the Supermen of America, reminding them to follow Superman's ideals in every way. Learning Superman would be returning to Metropolis, Mitch assembled a Supermen of America rally, which was ignored by Superman.[9]

As Superman began to take a firmer hand in world politics (due to the manipulations of Dominus), and attacked Lexcorp, Outburst tried to reason with him, to no avail.[10] Outburst and the rest of the elite brigade approach Superman and let him know that the U.N. has declared a full scale attack on him, no matter where he is.[11] After Superman unleashed robots to pacify the world, Outburst was now convinced Superman was mad. He decided to work with Lex Luthor to take Superman down, dropping the upper segment of the Lexcorp Building (previously placed in orbit by Superman) onto Superman's Fortress of Solitude.[12] Luthor then left Outburst stranded in space as two Superman robots arrived.[13] Realizing he would need help with the robots, Luthor reactivated Outburst's oxygen. Outburst awoke in time to help Wonder Woman save Luthor and return his spacecraft to Earth,[14] convincing Wonder Woman that the best place to bring him was Metropolis.[15] Dominus, in Superman's form, convinced the world that Dominus was a threat that could only be contained by giving Superman complete control. Outburst and his elite brigade worked for Superman (actually Dominus), until Lois Lane and Lex Luthor freed the real Superman from a subbasement in his fortress. The Dominus Superman knocked Outburst out with a small piece of stone. Wonder Woman flew Outburst away from the fortress and he rejoined the elite brigade. They fought Superman robots until Superman overcame Dominus, and the robots shut down.[16]

Outburst later fought Metallo at Metropolis airport. Metallo had incorporated a jet into his form, and Superman saved Outburst from being incinerated by the jet engines.[17]

Soon, Maximum joins the Supermen as Outburst and the rest of the elite squad battle a metahuman with earthquake powers.[18] The quakes caused power to a mysterious artifact called "Lockdown Six" to be cut, and the team fought the Apokoliptian team Deep Six[19] and Kalibak for possession of it.[20] Outburst was overwhelmed and fought back to back with Superboy against the Warlords of Okaara who were also looking to take possession of Lockdown Six.[21] When Lockdown Six opened, it was revealed to be the Unimaginable, a being imprisoned by the Justice League of America. It sought a suitable host body, and, after a shared hallucination, found one in Maximum.[22] Outburst, as well as Maximum's parents, convinced him to let go of the power. Likewise, Luthor released the Supermen of America from their contract, making the team independent.[23]