Outburst was a member of the Supermen of America.

Mitch Anderson's life wasn't the greatest. The oldest child of two, his family had split up just weeks before, causing major tensions between him and his mom, quickly blaming her for his dad leaving. One argument was quite explosive, causing him to start leaving, but something would stop him from doing so: the body of the heroine Ice being tossed into his house by the monster Doomsday. The Justice League quickly descended on his house, attempting to round up the monster, but the beast fought back, destroying his house and trapping him and his family. Mitch was forced to call Superman back to save them as the League was taken out. Though his family was saved, he felt great remorse over Superman's death, feeling that it was his fault that he had died.

Traveling to Metropolis, he attempted to find someone to apologize to over what had happened, but was spotted by Jimmy Olsen and Bibbo, who reassured him that what he did wasn't his fault and that he would have done it to anybody.

A year later, Mitch went and gathered the friends and family of those who died in Doomsday's rampage and returned to the site where Doomsday appeared from. Before getting into a confrontation with soldiers protecting the site, Superman is able to defuse the situation and talks to them about the beast and letting them hear their stories.




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