Mitchell Hundred was a civil engineer working for the city of New York. On October 18, 1999 he called one night on by his friend Rick Bradbury in Harbor Patrol to investigate a strange object at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Mitch found a device submerged under water emitting green light attached to one of the bridge's foundations. The device detached itself from the bridge and started floating upward and as Mitch reached out for it he saw a symbol in the light and then the device exploded, tearing off half of his face and one of his ears. Immediately after the explosion Mitchell found that he was able to "hear" Bradbury's watch as well as voices from other electronics within the city. Disoriented, bleeding, and not understanding what was occurring Mitchell screamed out "Shut up!" accidentally accessing his new powers and causing a city-wide black out. Whatever the device was it had transferred a power into him that allowed him to communicate and command any machine.

As a keen reader of DC Comics and with strong support from Russian immigrant Ivan "Kremlin" Tereshkov, Mitchell decided to use his powers as the world's first superhero known as The Great Machine. Kremlin and Ricky Bradbury act as sidekicks in his endeavor. The name Mitchell uses actually comes from a quote by Thomas Jefferson where he uses the term "great machine" to describe society.

Realistically Mitchell's escapades are met with much criticism and hostility by both the public and law enforcement. More often than not Mitchell's actions as the Great Machine cause more harm than good as he finds the repercussions for doing the right thing can have a domino effect that negatively impacts more people. For example, one of his first outings as the Great Machine involved him trying to "save" two young men who were surfing a subway line. When Mitch yelled for them to climb down from the train one of the young men fell and Mitchell had to command another train to stop in order to save his life. Mitchell was actively pursued by Police Commissioner Amy Angotti and was commanded to reveal his identity to the public and turn himself in for prosecution.

After a short career as the Great Machine, on July 24, 2001 Mitchell made a deal with the National Security Agency where he wouldn't be held accountable for any crimes he might have committed as the Great Machine in exchange for cooperation in evaluating Mitchell's abilities as well as analyzing fragments of the device which exploded and gave Mitch his abilities. Agent Jackson Georges was Mitchell's contact for the NSA and worked on trying to translate the symbols found on the fragments of the device.

By the early 21st century, Mitchell decided to quit his vigilante career, reveal his identity to the public, and run for mayor of New York City as it is a more beneficial way in helping the people while as a politician. His decision to become mayor of New York happened following the events of the September 2001 terrorist attacks, in which Hundred saved the second Twin Tower from the second airplane when he commanded it to divert away from the skyscraper. His heroic actions greatly helped him to win the mayor election in the next year after the attacks. Regardless, Mitchell is still wracked with guilt over not being able to prevent the first plane from hitting the tower believing that if he hadn't retired he would have been aware of the first incoming plane.

As Mayor, Mitchell tries to make changes and help civilians in the ways that he wasn't able to as The Great Machine. He is constantly tackling "hot-button" political issues such as gay marriage, medical marijuana, and abortion at the detriment of his cabinet staff: Dave Wylie, Candice Watts, and January Moore.

Mitchell's personal life is only subtly alluded to. Beyond Wylie, Bradbury, and some of his cabinet staff, Mitchell has relatively few friends and does not have a wife nor is he seeing anyone. He and Kremlin had a falling out over Mitchell's decision to reveal his identity, not realizing that Kremlin needed him to be the Great Machine more than even Mitchell realized, and since Kremlin has made efforts to try getting Mitch to resurrect his superhero alter ego while at the same time finding ways to force Mitchell out of office.


  • Mechanokinesis: Mitchell can communicate and command mechanical devices. This includes anything from guns, to cell phones, and cars.


  • Power Limitation: Some mechanical devices will not necessarily obey him, and may even lie to him.



  • Mitchell's sexuality is kept ambiguous even though there's been a subplot involving him and Suzanne Padilla which link them romantically.
  • His left side of his body and face is scarred with markings reminiscent of a circuit board or electrodes.
  • Mitchell Hundred is also known as the Great Machine and Mayor Mitchell.



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