Quote1 Sure, he seems like a joke. Until he blinds someone... or sends them into anaphylactic shock. Quote2
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Mitchell Mayo, alias the Condiment King first appeared during the early days of Barbara Gordon's masked career.

He is regarded as a comic figure, and is easily taken down by Robin and Batgirl. He has also clashed with the Birds of Prey, and Robin solo.

It has been observed that he is potentially quite dangerous (because his condiment guns could cause anaphylactic shock), but his ludicrous nature prevents the justice department taking him seriously.

Condiment King met the Human Flame in the aftermath of the Final Crisis, and introduced him to General Immortus, his current employer. It is stated that all the villains in Immortus's employ have had their powers improved by Professor Achilles Milo, but the details of Condiment King's upgrade have not been revealed.



  • Condiment Gun: Condiment King's gun squirts a variety of sauces, including ketchup, mustard, and relish. It does not squirt them at high enough pressure to actually cause anyone harm, but it can cause nasty fabric stains.



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