Quote1 Who, do you ask? Why, the Captain of Ketchup, of course! The Master of Mustard! The Monarch of Mayo himself...The Condiment King! Quote2
-- Condiment King src

Mitchell Mayo, better known as the villainous Condiment King, is the condiment-themed enemy of Batman. At one point an inmate at Arkham Asylum, [1] Mayo broke out and donned his suit before being subdued by Batman and Catwoman yet again.[2]

He, along with many other villains from Gotham City, were allied with Penguin, who wished to destroy Harley Quinn and take over Coney Island. However, after Penguin and most of the other villains were defeated, Condiment King decided to turn "legit", and open up his own restaurant in Coney Island, across from what used to be Nateman's, a similar restaurant which was destroyed during the Gotham villains attack on Coney Island.[3]




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