The Mite was a hero during the 1940s.

She, along with several other heroes and villains, were conscripted into the Number of the Beast program and served for decades under its auspices. When the High entered and installed into the program, Mite secretly eavesdropped and saw him 'kill' Dr. Sin (though he actually was awakened from the program). She and the Eidolon reported this to the Paladins in which they thought the High was responsible for the 'Apocalypse'. Eventually Mite and the other prisoners of the NOTB program escaped due to the High's efforts. Mite was last seen with Redeemer and Urumi, in which she was mortally wounded, in battling a Reaper (a mad clone of the High) and was present in seeing the World's End.[1]

World's End

Main article: World's End

With the Earth in a cataclysmic state, the Mite and Redeemer shared leadership duties of The Paladins as they attempted to reunite the team and help survivors.[2][3]


  • Prior to being named as the Mite, she has several interesting code-names that she was trying to suit her due to her ability: Mote, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Thumbelina, Lint Lady, Short Stuff, Small Wonder, Dust Mite (in which she eventually accepts without "Dust"), Tiny Titan, Mini Miss, The Reductress, Lady Lilliput, The Speck, Action Figure, Living Doll, and Molecula.
  • Mite briefly first appeared in Wildstorm: Revelations #3 before her full appearance in Number of the Beast #1.



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