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In the Son of Ambush Bug # 1, he was given a 4-page story (because Ambush Bug lost his "Villain Permit"). It this, it's revealed he tricked the government into paying him by hiring as the "Official Giant Monster Slayer". However it turned out there was a giant monster: the Godzilla-like Gogan. He tried to fight him (because the government refused to let him leave) and got eaten. There are 4 events that could have happen next:
1. He used the "force".
2. He used a gun to create holes to get out of Gogan with.
3. He cracked a joke.
4. He used a knife to escape.
Then, he later made short cameo appearances. The most notable was after an unnamed comic-book creator drank Japanese wine, the comic became manga-style for a page. In this, Mitsu beat up a manga artist for not having "speed lines" or ninjas in his comic.

Unlike Ambush Bug, Mitsu was a selfish, sane coward often trying to run away from danger. However, in Ambush Bug: Nothing Special, he acts completely different: he acted hyperactive, overly violent and crazy.


Mitsu-Bishi doesn't seem to have any power. However, he survived being eaten by a giant monster. Although, we don't see how he did it.

He is Ambush Bug's "chibi" counterpart.


Showcase Presents Ambush Bug Vol.1


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