Quote1.png Do I look like a madcap imp? Don't insult me. I am Mixyezpitelik, a vowelled knight of order from Dimension Five and a longtime adversary of Ultraman-- and I take my methods very seriously. Quote2.png
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Sir Mixyezpitelik is Antimatter Universe's Mister Mxyzptlk Imp analogue.

Hailing from Dimension Five, Mixyezpitelik is a protector of order and longtime enemy to Ultraman.

Mixyezpitelik brought Ultraman to Earth when Megistus' schemes threatened both New Earth and the Antimatter Universe. Mixyezpitelik revealed to Superman Megistus' identity and schemes, but in spite of his willingness to help, he had to teleport back to his dimension due to Superman's native universe gradually warping his mind.



Prolonged stay in the main universe may drive Mixyezpitelik crazy permanently.



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