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The Mobius Chair is a time-space/dimensional vehicle operated by the New God Metron. It allows him to travel and observe the universe.


New Earth

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New 52

The chair is created by Mobius, also known as the Anti-Monitor, to assist in his quest for knowledge. He later gave it to Metron, but it was taken from him by Batman. After the events of the Darkseid War, Owlman took control of it for a short time, taking Grid with him inside of the chair. However, when Owlman, Grid, Metron, and the Mobius chair arrived on the moon, they met a mysterious force that killed them all, leaving the Mobius Chair vacant.[1]

The chair reappeared during Wally West's travels across the Multiverse. It helped Wally understand how the events of Flashpoint ended up unmooring him and his kids from reality.[2] After spending one last night with his kids, Wally willingly sat on the chair, allowing himself to take possession of the knowledge it held. After seeing his kids safely returned, Wally realizes that the chair was actually touched by the mysterious force, granting it its power.[3]


The Mobius Chair is Metron's technological masterpiece and allows him to cross space-time and interdimensional barriers. Its only known power source is Element X. Some of its functions resemble a Mother Box, such as:

  • Nigh-Omniscience: The Mobius Chair gifts its user near-omniscient sight and understanding of the universe.[4] It contains all knowledge of the New Gods, maps and history of all locations visited by Metron. It was later imbued with the power of Doctor Manhattan. This added Manhattan's "atemporal vision" to the chair, the ability to see the past, present, and future simultaneously.[5]
  • Interstellar Travel/Teleportation: The Mobius Chair's main capability is to travel and teleport through space, time and other dimensions in a matter of mere seconds. It can also fly.
  • Energy Projection: Due to Doctor Manhattan imbuing his Anti-Crisis Energy into the chair, Wally West was able to draw upon this cosmic energy to boost his power.[6]
  • Life Support: The Mobius Chair enables its user to survive the rigors of space and others environments.
  • Danger and Life Sense
  • Force Field: It has a powerful force field to protect itself from any attacks and can also be used to contain enemies. Even metahumans with the power to phase cannot cross this field.[7]
  • Holograms: Creates holograms to distract his enemies or display information.[7]
  • Tractor-Beam: It has a powerful tractor-beam that can pull a planet.
  • Sentience: The Mobius Chair chooses who is worthy and capable of using, if the person isn't worthy, it's power will overwhelm and kill the individual.[8] The Chair requested Tempus Fuginaut to bring Wally West to be it's host, determining him worthy of wielding it's power.[9]

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